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| von Josephine Seibert

Time for the Age of Respect

A comment

Humanity is existing for 300.000 years. Compared to one human life an unbelievable long time. Wars have been fought, peace was sealed. Earth is the foundation of our growing civilization. Step by step we learned, experienced and built up a giant system all over the world. And still many things have to change.

Many changes start with yourself. And if many people change their minds, their behavior or attitude, we are able to effect the world like we have always done.

One huge, but rather easy possibility for you to do that positively is respect. In general I think respect starts with small gestures, little acts, but especially great understanding based on trying to look on the situation from the other person’s point of view.

But for e.g. students like me, respect sometimes seams to be far away. Something important in the newspaper that has nothing to do with my simple daily life.

Negative examples for such headlines can be racism, violence against minorities, factory farming and pollution. All these cases show the huge improvable leak of respect not only for people.

Let me emphasize one fact: We all know that our lifetime on this wonderful planet with all of its diversity is strictly limited. Shouldn’t we try using this period to create and protect a respectful forward-looking habitat for everyone?

But in the end it all starts with your action, your answer. Wether you decide to welcome differences, starting in our school hallway, to develop friendly conditions even in the supermarket, in conclusion to live pure respect.